Proper Battery Disposal

An important topic we'd like to bring up is how to properly dispose of common household batteries.

It may be tempting to simply throw them in the trash or recycling bin, but due to the hazardous chemicals in batteries, throwing them away can be very harmful to any living thing.

There are various ways to responsibly dispose of batteries but we'll cover two popular, easy methods.

1) Drop off your batteries at a recycling center near you. This website makes it really easy to find the closest one.

You can also search where to properly dispose of other items such as DVD Players, Audio Equipment, Microwaves, and many more common electronics and household items that need special recycling.

2) Call your Local Department of Public waste. It's easy, and free to do. Most counties have at least one if not many recycling options.

If you have anything to add or want to comment we'd love to hear from you.

Stay Green Everyone!