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Lifetime Warranty Policy

All EcoElectronix products are protected by our Lifetime Warranty Replacement Policy*. We guarantee our product(s) to be free from all defects caused by faulty materials or parts**. If your EcoElectronix product exhibits signs of faulty materials or parts we will replace it at no charge to you***.

If you have any questions about our warranty policy or think your EcoElectronix product is defective please contact us anytime using our Contact Us form. 


You Can Register Your Warranty Here


* EcoElectronix products can be registered anytime after the date of purchase. Purchase must be made through an authorized dealer/seller for the warranty to be valid. Authorized sellers include:,, and

** The EcoElectronix Lifetime Warranty does not cover defects that might have been caused by misuse or overuse.

*** Shipping & handling may apply in some circumstances.